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Automate Webpage Image Capturing Using the PageVisualize SDK

Sample Code Screenshoot PageVisualize Website Image Capture SDK is a software product and component library that provides functionality to automate the process of capturing webpage images. It includes a graphical user interface (GUI), a command line interface, a COM automation library, and a page capture batch command file processor.


The PageVisualize SDK is very powerful, flexible, and fast. It includes many options to customize the webpage image capturing process. The underlying webpage downloading and image capturing engine (shared by the GUI, the command line interface, and the COM library) uses a multithreaded architecture so that multiple website page capturing requests can be processed simultaneously. In its most basic form, the PageVisualize SDK interface is very easy to use. Simply pass it a URL, and it will capture an image of the referenced page and save it to an image file using default or globally specified options.

For more advanced needs, PageVisualize offers options to configure things like the following: capture area width and height; target image file graphics format (PNG, JPEG, BMP, or GIF); target image scaling percent (useful for creating webpage thumbnail images); whether to include or process frames, scripts, ActiveX, Java, and embedded page images; timeout values; output logging; and more (see the PageVisualize Main Features page for a complete list of options).

Main Features...

The PageVisualize executable program (PageVisualize.exe) can be run either in GUI mode or in command line mode. When started in GUI mode by using the /gui command line switch, PageVisualize provides an easy-to-use Windows interface that will help you get up and running quickly (you probably won't even need to read the manual). Just enter a URL, set the desired options, and soon you will have a captured page image. The GUI will also generate a sample command line options string based on the values you selected using the GUI controls. You can copy and paste the options to a Windows command prompt for immediate processing, or into a batch file which can be automated using the Windows scheduled task functionality to run periodically at the desired interval. Alternatively you can create a PageVisualize Command file (.pvc file), which is a text file written in the PageVisualize command language.

The PageVisualize COM library (PageCaptureLibrary.dll) can be used from any programming environment that supports COM automation objects. Sample code is included.

Although the PageVisualize SDK is a new product, it is based on thoroughly tested and proven technology. The PageVisualize SDK page image capturing engine is an enhanced and more robust version of the thumbnail generating engine included in the NetVisualize Favorites Organizer software, which has been used by thousands of individuals since January of 2002.

Automate your webpage image capturing now - download the free PageVisualize SDK evaluation version today!


How Can I Use the PageVisualize SDK?

The PageVisualize Website Image Capture SDK was created after a number of users of the NetVisualize Favorites Organizer software (another product developed by Lucid Step Software) asked for a way to automate the process of creating website thumbnail images. This product is the answer to those requests. Because it provides several different interface approaches and usage scenarios, it should accommodate the needs of any programmer or power user who has a need to capture website page images in an automated manner.

The following are a few ideas about how the webpage image capturing functionality might be put to use:
  • Build a site map for your corporate intranet page or your public website. Include thumbnail images for each page in your website hierarchy to facilitate navigation with visual page recognition. Your intranet users or website visitors will be pleased with the eye candy!
  • Create a Links page on your website, and include thumbnail images for each of the linked web pages. This will give new life to what may otherwise be yet another boring Links page!
  • Build a personal webpage with thumbnail images of your favorite websites. Set it as your browser home page, or as your Windows desktop background using the Windows Active Desktop functionality. Schedule an automated PageVisualize task to update your thumbnails periodically, so you will quickly see when something has changed that you want to know about!
  • Enhance the search engine for your corporate intranet. Include a thumbnail image next to each page in the search results. Your boss will be flabbergasted, and maybe you will get a raise or a promotion!
  • If you work for a public search engine company, add thumbnail images to your search results before your competitors do. Maybe you can gain some ground on Google!
  • Schedule a PageVisualize task to take daily snapshots of websites that you want to track. Configure the task to save the captured image using a date-stamp in the filename. Over time, you will build up a visual history of changes to the sites!
Because the interface is so flexible, there are many other possible uses, so it may be that you will think of additional uses for the PageVisualize SDK that we haven't even considered!
Who Should Use This Software?

If you are a programmer or web developer and you would like to automate the process of capturing webpage images, the PageVisualize SDK is for you. Alternatively, if you are a power user and don't mind learning a simple command language, you can make use of the PageVisualize SDK.

PageVisualize Website Image Capture SDK v1.0.1 Released

PageVisualize Website Image Capture SDK v1.0.1 was released May 29, 2006. For additional product information, please visit the PageVisualize Main Features page.

The evaluation version is available from the download page.

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer 1.5.0 Released

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer 1.5.0 was released January 14, 2005.

NetVisualize Favorites Organizer lets you manage your bookmarks and favorites the way you remember them - visually! NetVisualize creates thumbnail images of your favorite websites, and is as simple to use and familiar as Windows Explorer.

NetVisualize will import Internet Explorer Favorites, Netscape or Firefox Bookmarks, and Opera Hotlist Bookmarks, and will provide you with the powerful text and visual search capabilities you need to make your Internet browsing experience manageable.

NetVisualize can display an image directory of website thumbnails, making it easy to visually scan for that particular site when you can't remember the name but you're sure you'll know it when you see it. You can also save your links to an HTML file, complete with thumbnails, and set this page as your browser's home page or upload it to your website to give your links page some extra visual appeal.

For more information about NetVisualize Favorites Organizer, please visit the NetVisualize website.

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